Elder Consultation and Advocacy

Navigating long term care can be confusing, with family members unable to know where to turn next. Suzanne Scheller provides guidance to families through consultation to understand the important issues they may face in order to be better prepared for the challenges of long term care; issues such as appointing decision-makers, understanding care needs, and securing finances. Suzy finds that this conversation provides a calming framework for family members to feel empowered to best help their loved one. Elder consultations are becoming a significant area of practice for Suzy as she maintains current knowledge of the long term care arena and passes that along to clients.

Advocacy involves a variety of services, including providing input on legislation, identifying a facility’s license and corresponding regulations, bringing legal claims, and training professionals and family members. For instance, attorneys may need assistance with understanding the standards of care for various facilities in order to best assist their client. Legislators may seek input on changes in law or regulation affecting vulnerable adults. Family members may need training on their rights and responsibilities upon entrance of a loved one into a nursing home. Suzanne Scheller can provide education, training, or public policy input to help protect vulnerable adults and to help all parties understand their roles in elder care.