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Nursing Home Lawyer and Elder Law Attorney in Minnesota

Scheller Legal Solutions LLC offers an array of legal services related to elder abuse and neglect, elder law, estate planning and probate, and elder mediation. The mission of the law firm is to provide quality, affordable legal and advocacy services with compassion and resolve. The vision of Suzanne Scheller is that older Minnesotans experience quality of life and receive accountability when harmed, such as in long-term care settings. Her passion is to be a voice for those who may not otherwise be heard.

Legal Solutions

Scheller Legal Solutions LLC believes a variety of solutions are needed to address client concerns. Suzanne Scheller represents vulnerable adults and their family members against nursing homes, assisted living facilities, PCA agencies, and similar entities in elder abuse and neglect litigation, including wrongful death, injury, and financial exploitation claims. Scheller Legal Solutions LLC offers other services related to long term care, including consultations, medical assistance applications, and advocacy. Suzy Scheller is also a qualified neutral in the area of elder mediation in both the facilitative (mediation) and adjudicative (arbitration) processes under Minnesota Rule 114. Scheller Legal Solutions LLC also offers Estate Planning services, including drafting powers of attorney, health care directives, and wills and trusts, as well as conducting informal and formal probate matters. Recognizing that some meaningful solutions are not found in the law, Scheller Legal Solutions LLC also seeks to offer practical and informative guidance as well.

Nursing Home Lawyer

When looking for a nursing home attorney in Minnesota, look to Suzanne Scheller at Scheller Legal Solutions LLC. She is a knowledgeable and experienced nursing home lawyer. With years of experience as an attorney in the long-term care arena, her expertise and understanding of the medical, legal, and regulatory aspects of long-term care are unique.

Suzanne Scheller understands the delicate balance between providing necessary care to patients while simultaneously protecting their rights as residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. She is an advocate for her clients, seeking quality medical care for her clients and accountability when injury or death occurs due to negligence. Suzanne has a proven track record of success in this area and has had numerous cases ending with successful settlements or awards for her clients.

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“I could never thank you enough for all you have done for [client]. [Client] may never know what you have done, but does know that you work tirelessly for vulnerable adults. We have had some pretty negative experiences … but what you have done with all of your hard work and genuine caring for [client] and our family has far outweighed those experiences.”

“Suzanne is on the side of the elderly. She is dedicated to fighting for the rights and the humane treatment of the elderly in nursing homes. I made the right decision in selecting Suzanne with [client’s] case.”

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“Thank you so much for offering us guidance as we dealt with a troubling situation with [client]. Your advice and expertise was very helpful. We are delighted that we were able to find a wonderful compromise.”

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