Nursing home injury lawyer in Minnesota

Accountability for Harm

Many facilities work hard to provide quality care, but when something goes wrong, it is essential to know your options for holding the provider accountable and hopefully make a safer environment for the next vulnerable adult.

Elder abuse and neglect litigation is distinct from medical practice as well as common personal injury or wrongful death claims.  Many federal and state regulations govern the care setting.  Legal representation by someone who understands those nuances is critical.  Suzanne Scheller has worked extensively in representing elder clients and their families to bring accountability for harm in the nursing home and assisted living care settings.

Courtroom in St. Paul, MN, that oversees elder abuse litigation

Resolving Care Concerns

Care concerns in nursing homes and assisted living settings may include falls, pressure sores, medication errors, and infections. Inadequate staffing, training, and/or resources are common themes in injuries and deaths in elder care facilities. At Scheller Legal Solutions, Suzanne offers a variety of options to resolve care concerns, including representing the injured or deceased party in claims against the long-term care facility, whether through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

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Focus on Prevention

Along with seeking legal damages, Suzy Scheller also focuses on prevention, such as seeking policy and procedure changes, increasing training in areas of concern, and encouraging advocacy on behalf of other residents. Suzanne Scheller, Esq. often works with co-counsel Kenneth L. LaBore, Esq. in many of her elder abuse and neglect litigation claims.

The Accountability You Need

Nursing home abuse and neglect legal cases are extremely delicate matters that far too often get overlooked. Due to separation from family members, these situations can cause feelings of powerlessness and isolation.


With multiple years as an educator, Suzanne at Scheller Legal Solutions has gained valuable knowledge about conflict resolution and inspiring change. She has worked hard to become the nursing home abuse lawyer that will bring back the sense of safety and accountability that has been taken away from you or your elderly family members.


When a caretaker oversteps their bounds — whether purposefully or by accident — it is easy to feel like you have no way of protecting yourself, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you or your elderly loved one has been made to suffer in a nursing home or assisted living and you live in Minnesota, contact Scheller Legal Solutions to get in touch with a nursing home injury lawyer that will help you feel heard again.