Other Solutions

One of the reasons for the name “Scheller Legal Solutions LLC” is to strive for practical and creative options to conflict that focus on the solution and not simply the problem. Baby boomers are often looking for better ways to work through challenges facing them in their aging years. Suzanne Scheller talks through both informal and formal options for resolving conflict.

Other solutions offered by Suzy include:

Reasonable scope services – While many attorneys may not represent clients at all when the issues appear to be difficult to define, Scheller Legal Solutions LLC strives to offer clients reasonable-cost solutions. For example, if you are having difficulty with a care provider or employer, Suzy may write a letter and follow-up with a phone call or two for a set fee. Sometimes both sides simply need a fresh perspective to work through differences.

Consultation – Navigating long term care can be confusing, with family members unable to know where to turn next. Suzanne Scheller provides guidance to families through consultation to understand the important issues they may face in order to be better prepared for the challenges of long term care, including appointing decision-makers, understanding care issues, and securing finances. Suzy finds that this conversation provides a calming framework for family members to feel empowered to best help their loved one.

Network Contacts – Through her work in the field of elder law, Suzanne Scheller has developed a network of contacts and may be able to point a person to other qualified professionals for assistance, if she is unable to provide legal representation.

Resources – One priority for Scheller Legal Solutions LLC is to provide necessary resources to clients in order to empower them with information. Suzanne Scheller strives to connect clients to such information.