Elder Mediation

Many decisions are made by elders and their families when a loved one advances in years, particularly related to who will take care of the health and finances of the elderly person. If all parties are willing to come to the table and talk through issues that affect the elderly person, mediation is a great option. It is a softer approach than court-driven intervention. Many elder issues are without clear guidance; they are complex and sometimes new to the court. Issues such as second marriages; long term care considerations; medical assistance planning; and blended families with adult children who are appointed decision makers yet have no tie to the other spouse’s family, will increase in complexity as empowered baby boomers plan for end of life. Suzanne Scheller believes that sometimes a common sense approach is best by using mediation to tackle the complex issues rather than extensive time in litigation with little control of the results. It makes sense for families to mediate certain elder issues, particularly with someone who has knowledge of those issues. Suzanne Scheller has gained knowledge of many issues affecting families with aging loved ones through her legal representation and brings that unique knowledge and skill set to her role as mediator.

Not all issues can or should be mediated, but the following matters may be successfully mediated: care giving disputes; attorney-in-fact decisions; decision-maker appointments; guardian/conservator selection; and recovery of the elder’s assets. Through her work with elderly clients and training as a mediator, Suzy is pleased to offer Elder Mediation services to the elderly and their families.